Anti-integrin αvβ6 autoantibody

Features of anti-integrin αvβ6 autoantibody in UC


Frequently detected in sera from patients with UC, compared to control diseases.

The model of pathophysiological role in UC has been proposed.

Easily detected in blood. Stool sample is not required.

What is the Ulcerative Colitis (UC) ?

Inflammatory bowel disease causes erosions and ulcers on the mucosa of the colon. Symptoms are diarrhea, bloody stools and abdominal pain.

Normal UC
anti-integrin_v6_colon-normal anti-integrin_v6_colon-uc
anti-integrin_v6_colon-normal anti-integrin_v6_colon-uc

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Sensitivity and specificity

Several key studies around the world have shown elevation of anti-integrin αvβ6 autoantibody in ulcerative colitis, but not in other intestinal diseases such as Crohn’s disease, colon cancer and irritable bowel syndrome1,2).

Positive rates for anti-integrin αvβ6 autoantibody in different diseases

Ulcerative colitis Crohn's disease Other intestinal
Anti-Integrin αvβ6 ELISA Kit (RUO) is a novel kit to provide a highly specific detection of anti-integrin αvβ6 autoantibody in human serum.

Potential pathophysiological role of anti-integrin αvβ6 autoantibody

Integrin αvβ6, a heterodimeric protein expressed in epithelial cell, is a receptor for fibronectin, extracellular matrix protein. The recent publications reported that the autoantibody against integrin αvβ6 was frequently detected in ulcerative colitis patients1-4). It has been reported that the anti-integrin αvβ6 autoantibody may induce epithelial cell damage as a potential pathogenic role of ulcerative colitis1). (see the diagram below)

Anti-Integrin αvβ6 ELISA Kit is a kit to provide a highly specific detection of anti-integrin αvβ6 autoantibody in human serum.

Evidence for anti-intergrin αvβ6 autoantibody as the biomarker of ulcerative colitis

  • Patients with ulcerative colitis had IgG autoantibodies against integrin αvβ61,2).
  • Anti–integrin αvβ6 autoantibody titers correlated with ulcerative colitis disease activity1).
  • IgG from patients with ulcerative colitis bound to the integrin αvβ6 expressed on colonic epithelial cells to block integrin αvβ6–fibronectin binding1).
  • Anti-integrin αvβ6 autoantibodies were frequently detected in pediatric ulcerative colitis as well3).
  • Auto-reactive plasma cell clone targeting integrin αvβ6 were isolated from ulcerative colitis4).
  • Anti-Integrin αvβ6 autoantibodies were detected in sera, years before diagnosis of ulcerative colitis5).

And, the existence of autoantibodies against integrin αvβ6 in most patients with Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis (PSC) were reported6).

Comment from the researcher published in ‘‘Nature’’

‘‘If we had a biomarker, we would be able to diagnose ulcerative colitis with more confidence. Colonoscopies take at least one day to complete and can cost up to $200. But if the new testing kit is available, it will take roughly only 15 minutes to draw a blood sample and provide an appropriate result at a reasonable cost. We hope that it will be used in hospitals and clinical practice in Japan within the next two years.” says Dr. Shiokawa *.


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* A sharper diagnosis for ulcerative colitis. ADVERTISEMENT FEATURE produced by NATURE research custom media.


Anti-Integrin αvβ6 ELISA Kit(RUO)

MBL has developed Anti-Integrin αvβ6 ELISA Kit (RUO) in collaboration with Kyoto University in Japan, who has identified anti-Integrin αvβ6 autoantibody in ulcerative colitis.



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