Recombinant protein production technology

MBL’s technologies have made it possible to produce recombinant human protein molecules by recombinant DNA technology safely and in large quantities. Recombinant proteins expressed in the cultured cells of Escherichia coli, insect cells, and mammalian cells are purified to high and optimum levels by affinity purification*1 or other methods using antibodies developed in-house. MBL is introducing into the market new and highly unique autoantibody reagents*2, which are MBL’s main business area, by utilizing the recombinant proteins as antigens of the reagents for the measurement of autoantibodies.

*1 Affinity purification: A method of separating and purifying a target protein or its biochemical mixture based on a specific-binding interaction between molecules.
*2 Autoantibody: An antibody that reacts with the antigenic constituents of the host’s tissue (“self-antigen”), a phenomenon often noted in autoimmune diseases, etc.

Strengths of MBL