Research and Development Vision

MBL’s corporate mission is to “contribute to human health and medical advancement through our ongoing development of innovative diagnostic technologies”.
“Health”, which we strive to contribute to, is a value that is close and highly important to everyone. In our everyday research and development activities, we are constantly challenging ourselves to help people in achieving this universal value of “health” by developing specific cutting-edge technologies with strenuous and purposeful efforts, as summarized below.

1. Development of Products for Personalized Medicine

In current medical care practice, continuing efforts are being made toward personalized medicine, which is to tailored treatment according to the particular clinical features of individual patients, such as physical constitution and disease characteristics. In our research and development activities, we are developing new biomarker assay reagents and companion diagnostics that provide information necessary for physicians in deciding therapeutic and medication programs, and providing tools for basic research and new drug discovery to pharmaceutical companies and research laboratories. Through these activities, we are directing our efforts toward accelerating the development of technologies for personalized medicine with the aim of establishing medical care that allows patients to receive appropriate tailored treatment.

2. Expansion of Product Pipeline for Faster and More Accurate Diagnosis of Diseases

MBL has developed and introduced a variety of diagnostic concepts and assay approaches in our effort to meet the needs of the times. Utilizing these experiences, we will continue our efforts to develop diagnostic reagents that meet the diversifying needs at clinical sites, in line with our commitment to support our customers in improving the efficiency and accuracy of laboratory tests and deliver faster and more accurate test results. We are also actively engaged in the development of laboratory diagnostic reagents for rare and intractable diseases, which are difficult to diagnose, in order to facilitate early diagnosis and treatment start in patients with those diseases.

3. Global Reagent Business Operations

MBL continues to provide the value of “health” to people not just within Japan but throughout the world by developing unique diagnostic reagents that meet global medical needs in order to spread the results of our research and development activities to the global medical arena.

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