Corporate Activities

Contributing to Human Health and Medical Advancement

MBL researches, develops, and markets in vitro diagnostic (IVD) tools to enable early treatment.
We also provide a number of diagnostics products that only MBL can offer. By developing new diagnostics with innovative technology, we contribute to human health and medical advancement, regardless of the number of patients.

Providing Opportunities to Share Information

To facilitate the sharing of research information, MBL holds symposiums, the “Autoantibodies and Autoimmunity Symposium” in the clinical field and the “Takato Molecular Cell Biology Symposium” in the basic research field annually. These symposiums are open not only to medical professionals, but also to senior high school and university students who aspire to work in medicine, providing opportunities for medical advancement and communication with next-generation healthcare professionals.

Comfortable Working Environment

A large number of female employees work for MBL. The ratio of male to female employees is 5:5 for all sites and 4:6 for Ina Laboratory. In addition, 23% of managers are women.
The average overtime hours in fiscal 2022 was less than the legal limit of 45 hours.