Drug Discovery Supporting

Development and commercialization service of Companion diagnostics (CDx)

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Ⅳ:Marketing Authorization Application Ⅴ:National health insurance coverage

With MBL’s rich experience in the development of in vitro diagnostics, we are able to partner with pharmaceutical companies to develop companion diagnostics. Integrated system of in-house development, manufacture and marketing of in vitro diagnostics are the MBL’s strengths which allow us to meet the needs from pharmaceutical companies. MBL strive to contribute to health improvements by providing companion diagnostics to help select the best treatment for patients.

What is a companion diagnostic?

Nowadays, drug development is in need of tests that capable of predicting therapeutic effects and risk of side effects. A companion diagnostic is an in vitro diagnostic which gives essential information of the safety and effectiveness of a corresponding drug. The test helps determine whether patients get a helpful effect or any potential serious side effects/risks by a certain medication. Therefore, companion diagnostic plays an important role in personalized medicine to select the most optimal treatment.