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CoralHue™ vectors full DNA sequence


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Code Product
AM-8011M Fluoppi Ver.2 : Ash-hAG (Ash-MNL/MCL + hAG-MNL/MCL)
pAsh-MNL Ver.2, pAsh-MCL, phAG-MNL, phAG-MCL
AM-8201M Fluoppi : Ash-hAG [p53-MDM2]
pAsh/p53, phAG/MDM2
AM-8202M Fluoppi : Ash-hAG [mTOR-FKBP12]
pAsh/FKBP12, phAG/mTOR
AM-8012M Fluoppi Ver.2 : Ash-Red (Ash-MNL/MCL + Monti-Red-MNL/MCL)
pAsh-MNL Ver.2, pAsh-MCL, pMonti-Red-MNL, pMonti-Red-MCL
AM-VS0801M humanized Azami-Green for Fluoppi (phAG-MNL/MCL)
AM-VS0802M Monti-Red for Fluoppi (pMonti-Red-MNL/MCL)
pMonti-Red-MNL, pMonti-Red-MCL


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AM-V0259M pMitophagy Keima-Red mPark2 (Kan)
AM-V0259HM pMitophagy Keima-Red mPark2 (Hyg)


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Code Product
AM-V9001M pFucci-G1 Orange (Cloning vector)
AM-V9003M pFucci-G1 Orange (Expression vector)
AM-V9014M pFucci-S/G2/M Green (Cloning vector)
AM-V9016M pFucci-S/G2/M Green (Expression vector)
AM-V9034M pFucci-S/G2/M Green (N+C) (Cloning vector)
AM-V9010M pFucci-S/G2/M Green-Hyg (Expression vector)
AM-V9030M pFucci-S/G2/M Green(N+C)-Hyg (Expression vector)

Fluo-chase Kit

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Code Fluo-chase Kit


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Code Product
AM-V0091M CoralHue™ Monomeric Keima-Red (pmKeima-Red-S1)
AM-V0093M CoralHue™ Monomeric Keima-Red (pmKeima-Red-MN1)
AM-V0101M CoralHue™ Dimeric Keima-Red (pdKeima-Red-S1)
AM-V0094M CoralHue™ humanized-codon monomeric Keima-Red (phmKeima-Red-S1)
AM-V0099M CoralHue™ humanized-codon monomeric Keima-Red (phmKeima-Red-MCLinker)
AM-V0090M CoralHue™ humanized-codon monomeric Keima-Red (phmKeima-Red-MNLinker)
AM-V0104M CoralHue™ humanized dimeric Keima-Red (phdKeima-Red-S1)
AM-V0109M CoralHue™ humanized dimeric Keima-Red (phdKeima-Red-MCLinker)
AM-V0100M CoralHue™ humanized dimeric Keima-Red (phdKeima-Red-MNLinker)
AM-V0251M CoralHue™ Mitochondria-targeted mKeima-Red Expression Plasmid (pMT-mKeima-Red)
AM-V0251HM CoralHue™ Mitochondria-targeted monomeric Keima-Red (Hyg)
AM-V0253M CoralHue™ Plasma Membrane-targeted mKeima-Red Expression Plasmid (pPM-mKeima-Red)
AM-V0274M CoralHue™ Nucleoplasm-targeted humanized dimeric Keima-Red Expression Plasmid (pNP-hdKeima-Red)

AM-V0121M CoralHue™ Dimeric Keima570 (pdKeima570-S1)
AM-V0124M CoralHue™ humanized dimeric Keima570 (phdKeima570-S1)
AM-V0129M CoralHue™ humanized dimeric Keima570 (phdKeima570-MCLinker)
AM-V0120M CoralHue™ humanized dimeric Keima570 (phdKeima570-MNLinker)
AM-V0324M CoralHue™ Nucleoplasm-targeted humanized-codon dimeric Keima570 Expression Plasmid (pNP-hdKeima570)


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Code Product
AM-V0011M CoralHue™ pKaede-S1
AM-V0012M CoralHue™ pKaede-MC1
AM-V0013M CoralHue™ pKaede-MN1


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Code Product
AM-V0021M CoralHue™ Azami-Green (pAG-S1)
AM-V0031M CoralHue™ Monomeric Azami-Green (pmAG1-S1)
AM-V0032M CoralHue™ Monomeric Azami-Green (pmAG1-MC1)
AM-V0033M CoralHue™ Monomeric Azami-Green (pmAG1-MN1)
AM-V0034M CoralHue™ humanized-codon monomeric Azami-Green (phmAG1-S1)
AM-V0035M CoralHue™ humanized-codon monomeric Azami-Green (phmAG1-MC1)
AM-V0036M CoralHue™ humanized-codon monomeric Azami-Green (phmAG1-MN1)
AM-V0201M CoralHue™ Mitochondria-targeted mAG1 Expression Plasmid (pMT-mAG1)
AM-V0202M CoralHue™ ER-targeted mAG1 Expression Plasmid (pER-mAG1)
AM-V0203M CoralHue™ Plasma Membrane-targeted mAG1 Expression Plasmid (pPM-mAG1)
AM-V0205M CoralHue™ mAG1-Beta-Actin Expression Plasmid (pActin-mAG1)
AM-V0214M CoralHue™ Nucleoplasm-targeted AG Expression Plasmid (pNP-AG)
AM-V0030M CoralHue™ humanized-codon monomeric Azami-Green (phmAG1-MNLinker)
AM-V0039M CoralHue™ humanized-codon monomeric Azami-Green (phmAG1-MCLinker)

AM-V0504M CoralHue™ humanized-codon monomeric Azami-Green407 (phmAG407-S1)
AM-V0292M CoralHue™ ER-targeted mAG407 Expression Plasmid (pER-mAG407)


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Code Product
AM-V0041M CoralHue™ Kusabira-Orange(pKO1-S1)
AM-V0051M CoralHue™ Monomeric Kusabira-Orange (pmKO1-S1)
AM-V0052M CoralHue™ Monomeric Kusabira-Orange (pmKO1-MC1)
AM-V0053M CoralHue™ Monomeric Kusabira-Orange (pmKO1-MN1)
AM-V0044M CoralHue™ Humanized Kusabira-Orange (phKO1-S1)
AM-V0045M CoralHue™ Humanized Kusabira-Orange (phKO1-MC1)
AM-V0046M CoralHue™ Humanized Kusabira-Orange (phKO1-MN1)
AM-V0054M CoralHue™ humanized-codon monomeric Kusabira-Orange (phmKO1-S1)
AM-V0055M CoralHue™ humanized-codon monomeric Kusabira-Orange (phmKO1-MC1)
AM-V0059M CoralHue™ humanized-codon monomeric Kusabira-Orange (phmKO1-MCLinker)
AM-V0056M CoralHue™ humanized-codon monomeric Kusabira-Orange (phmKO1-MN1)
AM-V0050M CoralHue™ humanized-codon monomeric Kusabira-Orange (phmKO1-MNLinker)
AM-V0221M CoralHue™ Mitochondria-targeted mKO1 Expression Plasmid (pMT-mKO1)
AM-V0222M CoralHue™ ER-targeted mKO1 Expression Plasmid (pER-mKO1)
AM-V0223M CoralHue™ Plasma Membrane-targeted mKO1 Expression Plasmid (pPM-mKO1)
AM-V0225M CoralHue™ mKO1-Bata-Actin Expression Plasmid (pActin-mKO1)
AM-V0234M CoralHue™ Nucleoplasm-targeted KO Expression Plasmid (pNP-KO)

AM-V0141M CoralHue™ monomeric Kusabira-Orange 2 (pmKO2-S1)
AM-V0145M CoralHue™ humanized-codon monomeric Kusabira-Orange 2 (phmKO2-MC1)
AM-V0146M CoralHue™ humanized-codon monomeric Kusabira-Orange 2 (phmKO2-MN1)
AM-V0149M CoralHue™ humanized-codon monomeric Kusabira-Orange 2 (phmKO2-MCLinker)
AM-V0140M CoralHue™ humanized-codon monomeric Kusabira-Orange 2 (phmKO2-MNLinker)


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Code Product
AM-V0171M CoralHue™ Kusabira-Cyan (pKCy1-S1)
AM-V0284M CoralHue™ Nucleoplasm-targeted humanized-codon dimeric Kusabira-Cyan Expression Plasmid (pNP-hKCy1)


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Code Product
AM-V0061M CoralHue™ Midoriishi-Cyan1 (pMiCy1-S1)
AM-V0111M CoralHue™ monomeric Midoriishi-Cyan1 (pmMiCy1-S1)
AM-V0110M CoralHue™ humanized-codon monomeric Midoriishi-Cyan1 (phmMiCy1-MNL)
AM-V0115M CoralHue™ humanized-codon monomeric Midoriishi-Cyan1 (phmMiCy1-MC1)
AM-V0116M CoralHue™ humanized-codon monomeric Midoriishi-Cyan1 (phmMiCy1-MN1)
AM-V0119M CoralHue™ humanized-codon monomeric Midoriishi-Cyan1 (phmMiCy1-MCL)
AM-V0261M CoralHue™ Mitochondria-targeted mMiCy1 Expression Plasmid (pMT-mMiCy1)


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Code Product
AM-V0070M CoralHuehumanized Dronpa-Green (phDG1-MNL)
AM-V0071M CoralHue™ Dronpa-Green (pDG1-S1)
AM-V0072M CoralHue™ Dronpa-Green (pDG1-MC1)
AM-V0073M CoralHue™ Dronpa-Green (pDG1-MN1)
AM-V0079M CoralHue™ humanized Dronpa-Green (phDG1-MCL)
AM-V0131M CoralHue™ Dronpa-Green3 (pDG3-S1)

Kikume Green-Red

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Code Product
AM-V0081M CoralHue™ Kikume Green-Red (pKikGR1-S1)
AM-V0082M CoralHue™ Kikume Green-Red (pKikGR1-MC1)
AM-V0083M CoralHue™ Kikume Green-Red (pKikGR1-MN1)
AM-V0084M CoralHue™ humanized Kikume Green-Red (phKikGR1-S1)
AM-V0085M CoralHue™ humanized Kikume Green-Red (phKikGR1-MC1)
AM-V0086M CoralHue™ humanized Kikume Green-Red (phKikGR1-MN1)
AM-V0080M CoralHue™ humanized Kikume Green-Red (phKikGR1-MNLinker)
AM-V0089M CoralHue™ humanized Kikume Green-Red (phKikGR1-MCLinker)
AM-V0151M CoralHue™ monomeric Kikume Green-Red (pmKikGR1-S1)
AM-V0159M CoralHue™ humanized-codon monomeric Kikume Green-Red (pmKikGR1-MCLinker)
AM-V0150M CoralHue™ humanized-codon monomeric Kikume Green-Red (pmKikGR1-MNLinker)


※Click the vector name to download the DNA sequence file (word) .

Code Product
AM-V0161M CoralHue™ monomeric Umikinoko-Green (pmUKG1-S1)
AM-V0164M CoralHue™ humanized-codon monomeric Umikinoko-Green (phmUkG1-S1)
AM-V0165M CoralHue™ humanized-codon monomeric Umikinoko-Green (phmUkG1-MC1)
AM-V0166M CoralHue™ humanized-codon monomeric Umikinoko-Green (phmUkG1-MN1)

CoralHue™ fluorescent proteins were co-developed with the Laboratory for Cell Function and Dynamics, the Advanced Technology Development Center, the Brain Science Institute, RIKEN. MBL possesses the license and deals in the products.

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