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Anti-CoralHue™ fluorescent protein antibodies

We offer  a wide variety of anti-CoralHue™ fluorescent protein antibodies.

Product list

Fluorescent proteinCode No.Product nameWBIPICIHCloneIsotype
Midoriishi-Cyan M130-3M anti-Midoriishi-Cyan       5B7 Mouse IgG1
M116-3M anti-Midoriishi-Cyan       2C1 Mouse IgG2b
Azami-Green M102-3M anti-monomeric Azami-Green 1       2F11 Mouse IgG1 k
PM011M anti-Azami-Green       Polyclonal Rabbit IgG
PM052M anti-monomeric Azami-Green 1 Polyclonal Rbbit Ig(aff.)
Kusabira-Orange M104-3M anti-monomeric Kusabira-Orange 1       1H7 Mouse IgG1 k
M168-3M anti-monomeric Kusabira-Orange 2 3B3 Mouse IgG1 k
PM051M anti-monomeric Kusabira-Orange 2 Ployclonal Rabbit Ig(aff.)
Keima-Red M126-3M anti-monomeric Keima-Red       2F7 Mouse IgG2a
M182-3M anti-Keima-Red       1C3 Mouse IgG1κ
M118-3M anti-Dronpa-Green       2F6 Mouse IgG2b
Kaede M125-3M anti-Kaede       3B1 Mouse IgG1
PM012M anti-Kaede       Polyclonal Rabbit IgG
M106-3M anti-Kaede       2F4 Mouse IgG1 k
Kikume Green-Red M128-3M anti-Kikume Green-Red       5B3 Mouse IgG2b
Kusabira-Green M148-3M anti-monomeric Kusabira-Green (N-ter)       1E6 Mouse IgG2b
M149-3M anti-monomeric Kusabira-Green (C-ter)       21B10 Mouse IgG2a

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WB: western blotting, IP: immunoprecipitation, IC: immunocytochemistry, IH: immunohistochemistry

Antibodies cross-reactivity information

Fluorescent protein Product name WB Western Blot
Cross reactivity
clone Isotype Code No.
Midoriishi-Cyan anti-midoriishi-Cyan MiCy, mMiCy 5B7 Mouse lgG1 M130-3M
anti-midoriishi-Cyan     2C1 Mouse lgG2b M116-3M
Azami-Green anti-monomeric Azami-Green 1 mAG1 2F11 Mouse lgG1k M102-3M
anti-Azami-Green AG, mAG1 polyclonal Rabbit lgG PM011M
anti-monomeric Azami-Green 1 mAG1 polyclonal Rabbit lg(aff.) PM052M
Kusabira-Orange anti-monomeric Kusabira-Orange 1 mKO1, mKO2, mKG, mKG-O(1), mKOkappa(2) 1H7 Mouse lgG1k M104-3M
anti-monomeric Kusabira-Orange 2 mKO2, mKG, mKG, mKG-O(1), mKOkappa(2) 3B3 Mouse lgG1k M168-3M
anti-monomeric Kusabira-Orange 2 KO1, mKO1, mKO2, mKG, mKG, mKG-O(1), mKOkappa(2) polyclonal Rabbit lg(aff.) PM051M
Kusabira-Green anti-monomeric Kusabira-Green
N-terminal fragment
mKO1, mKO2, mKG 1E6 Mouse lgG2b M148-3M
anti-monomeric Kusabira-Green
C-terminal fragment
mKO2, mKG 21B10 Mouse lgG2a M149-3M
Keima-Red anti-monomeric Keima-Red mKeima-Red 2F7 Mouse lgG2a M126-3M
anti-Dronpa-Green     2F6 Mouse lgG2b M118-3M
Kaede anti-Kaede Kaede 3B1 Mouse lgG1 M125-3M
anti-Kaede Kaede polyclonal Rabbit lgG PM012M
anti-Kaede     2F4 Mouse lgG1k M106-3M
Kikume Green-Red anti-Kikume Green-Red KikGR, mKikGR 5B3 Mouse lgG2b M128-3M

Anti-monomeric Kusabira-Orange 2 (mKO2)
(polyclonal antibody): (Code No. PM051M)


PM051M is available for immunostaining of "Fucci-G1 Orange" (Fucci; Fluorescent Ubiquitination-based Cell Cycle Indicator). Fucci-G1 Orange encodes CoralHue™ monomeric Kusabira-Orange2 (mKO2) fused to a part of human Cdt1(hCdt1: Cdc10 dependent transcript 1). It is possible to use PM051M for Fucci transgenic strain, B6.Cg-Tg(Fucci)596Bsi mice which express Fucci-G1 Orange.

Anti-monomeric Azami-Green 1 (polyclonal antibody): (Code No. PM052M)


PM052M is available for immunostaining of "Fucci-S/G2/M Green". Fucci-S/G2/M Green encodes CoralHue™ humanized monomeric Azami-Green1 (hmAG1) fused to a part of human Geminin (hGeminin).

It is possible to use PM052M for Fucci transgenic strain, B6.Cg-Tg(Fucci)504Bsi mice which express Fucci-S/G2/M Green.

Anti-monomeric Kusabira-Orange 2
(monoclonal antibody): code No. M168-3M


M168-3 is available for immunostaining of “Fucci-G1 Orange ” (Fucci; Fluorescent Ubiquitination-based Cell Cycle Indicator). Fucci-G1 Orange encodes CoralHue™ monomeric Kusabira-Orange2 (mKO2) fused to a part of human Cdt1 (hCdt1: Cdc10 dependent transcript 1). It is possible to use M168-3M for Fucci transgenic strain, B6.Cg-Tg(Fucci)596Bsi mice which express Fucci-G1 Orange.


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  • Tsutsui H, Karasawa S, Okamura Y, Miyawaki A.
    Improving membrane voltage measurements using FRET with new fluorescent proteins. Nat Methods. 5: 683-685 (2008) PMID:18622396

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