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Code No. AM-1100M

CoralHue™ Fluo-chase Kit

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  • Map and Features of CoralHueR Fluo-chase Kit vectors

    Map and Features of CoralHueR Fluo-chase Kit vectors

Components Plasmid (phmKGN-MC,phmKGC-MC,phmKGN-MN,phmKGC-MN,pCONT-1,pCONT-2), Primer (MN-Forward primer,MC-Reverse primer)
Intended use Protein-Protein Interaction Analysis.
Storage temp. -20°C Manufacturer MBL
Related products M149-3M Anti-monomeric Kusabira-Green C-terminal fragment mAb
Notes "Please note that the product will be shipped after we receive a completed and signed License Acknowledgement. Prior to shipping, our staff may contact you to verify the intended use of the product.

DNA sequence:
CoralHue® vectors full DNA sequence"
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Fluorescent proteins

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