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Photoconvertible fluorescent proteins

  • Photo-induced “on-off”and “color change”
  • Tracking cells dynamics

Photoconvertible fluorescent proteins are useful tools for monitoring molecular dynamics and cellular events. Photoconvertible fluorescent proteins will change their fluorophore structures in response to irradiation from UV or violet light. This property provides the additional application of labeling and tracking intracellular molecules, cells, and organisms in a spatio-temporal manner.

Available proteins

Photo-chromism type

Dronpa-Green 1
  • Monomer
  • Reversible ON/OFF
  • Suitable for repetitive monitoring of molecular dynamics

Dronpa-Green 3
  • Monomer
  • Reversible ON/OFF
  • Quickly decreasing fluorescence signal

Photo-conversion type

  • Tetramer
  • Irreversible photoconversion from green to red by UV and violet light
  • Suitable for tracking cells dynamics (e.g. compartment and proteins)

Kikume Green-Red
  • Monomer and tetramer
  • Irreversible photoconversion from green to red by UV or violet light
  • Quick photo-conversion
  • Suitable for tracking cells dynamics (e.g. compartment and proteins)

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