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Magnetic particles

Magnosphere™ magnetic microparticles

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Magnosphere SEMMagnosphere magnetic microparticles Magnosphere™ is magnetic microparticles which can be used for life science research. Available are two different type of surface characteristics; hydrophilic (MS) and hydrophobic (MX), and both chemically functionalized products and Bio-functionalized products.

Smart-IP tag-antibodies conjugated with
magnetic beads or magnetic agarose

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Smart-IP is a line of highly specific tag antibodies conjugated to magnetic beads or magnetic agarose beads designed for faster immunoprecipitation. Smart-IP improves efficiency by reducing time-consuming steps such as centrifugation. The magnetic beads and magnetic agarose beads can be easily isolated using a magnetic rack. The supernatant can also be extracted with minimal sample loss resulting in high yields of your target position.


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The Tagged Protein Magnetic PURIFICATION KITs contain magnetic beads coated with an antibody with high specificity and optimal affinity for each tag. These Kits enable high-purity tagged proteins expressed in mammalian cells to be isolated under mild, neutral conditions in a simple procedure.

Protein G-Magnetic Beads

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Protein G-Magnetic Beads are well-designed magnetic microparticles for bioseparation such as immunoprecipitation and antibody purification. Their surfaces are covered with a JSR Life Sciences proprietary hydrophilic polymer and chemically conjugated Protein G, which specifically binds to the FC moiety of Immunoglobulin. These chemistries enable you to perform a high yield and low non-specific binding bioseparation in a simple way.