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Customized Companion Diagnostics

MBL has been released in vitro diagnostic reagents which make a substantial contribution to precision medicine by working with pharmaceutical companies and medical doctors/researchers.

Through these experiences, MBL has developed know-how and technical capabilities to help to develop new drugs from any following phases. Contact us for more details.

• Measurement of biomarker
• In vitro diagnostics including companion diagnostics
Development of in vitro diagnostic reagent
Regulatory Negotiation with "Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare" and "Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices Agency"
Application for in vitro diagnostic approval
National health insurance listing
Manufacturing and sales

Publication [RASKET, RASKET-B]

•   Yoshino T, et al. Clinical Validation of a Multiplex Kit for RAS Mutations in Colorectal Cancer: Results of the RASKET (RAS KEy Testing) Prospective, Multicenter Study. EBioMedicine. 2015 Feb 14;2(4):317-23. [PMID: 26137573]
•   Taniguchi H. et al. Clinical Validation of Newly Developed Multiplex Kit Using Luminex xMAP Technology for Detecting Simultaneous RAS and BRAF Mutations in Colorectal Cancer: Results of the RASKET-B Study. Neoplasia. 2018 Dec;20(12):1219-1226. [PMID: 30412858]

Article [NUDT15]



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