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Product Code No. Size Method RUO/IVD/
MESACUP™ ECP TEST 7618E 96 wells ELISA IVDアイコン

IVDアイコン : In vitro Diagnostic Reagent

The MESACUP™ ECP TEST is quantitative assay kit for human ECP in serum by sandwich ELISA.
Eosinophil Cationic protein (ECP), Eosinophil derived Neurotoxin (EDN) and Major Basic Protein (MBP) are known to be major protein-mediators derived from activated eosinophils. ECP and EDN are found in matrix of granules in eosinophils whereas MBP is found in core of granules. ECP and MBP have high cytotoxicity. Activated eosinophile play an important role in the late asthmatic response and in the asthmatic airway inflammation. As ECP is secreted from activated eosinophils, ECP can be a marker of eosinophile activation and degranulation.