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MBL History


Launched “STACIA MEBLux™ Anti-p53 Test,” a reagent for measuring anti-p53 antibody in the serum by the CLEIA method.
Launched “MEBRIGHT™ NUDT15 Kit,” an in vitro diagnostic for use in predicting serious adverse reactions of thiopurine preparations in the treatment of inflammatory bowel diseases, etc.
Launched “MEBGEN RASKET™-B Kit,” an in vitro diagnostic for detecting RAS and BRAF gene mutations.


Collaboration with A*STAR’s p53 Laboratory to establish the novel drug screening technology facilitating the “undruggable” PPI targets to “druggable”.
MEDICAL & BIOLOGICAL LABORATORIES Co., Ltd. concludes a patent licensing agreement with the University of Toyama concerning a rapid antibody production technique.
Establishment of MBL Hangzhou Biotech Co., Ltd in the People’s Republic of China (Hangzhou).


Set the reimbursement price to “MESACUP™ anti-MDA5 test”, “MESACUP™ anti-TIF1-γ test” and “MESACUP™ anti-Mi-2 test”, diagnostic reagents for polymyositis and dermatomyositis (Available for the domestic market only).
Set the reimbursement price to “FLUORO HEp-2 ANA test”, diagnostic reagent for HELIOS® automated IFA processing & reading system (Available for the domestic market only).
Launch of “MESACUP™ Anti-TIF1-γ Test,” a clinical diagnostic for polymyositis and dermatomyositis. (Available for the domestic market only)
Merger with the consolidated subsidiary, CycLex Co., Ltd.


Launch of “MESACUP™ Anti-Mi-2 Test,” a diagnostic reagent for polymyositis and dermatomyositis
Affiliation with the JSR Corporation Group
Launch of “MESACUP™ Anti-MDA5 Test” a diagnostic reagent for polymyositis and dermatomyositis
Launch of “STACIA MEBLux™ Test BCA225,” a clinical diagnostic, fully-automatic rapid assay reagent for detecting a biomarker of breast cancer by the CLEIA method
Launch of “MEBGEN™ RASKET Kit,” a genetic testing reagent useful in prescreening diagnostic of anti-EGFR antibody therapy in colorectal cancer


Established the endowed chair “division of systems immunology” by a joint research contract with the Institute of Medical Science (IMSUT) of The University of Tokyo.
Started developing fully human anti-dengue virus monoclonal antibody as therapeutic antibody.
CE Mark of a novel reagent to detect RAS (KRAS and NRAS) gene mutations for testing of anti-EGFR therapeutic antibodies to colon cancer prior to treatment.
MBL International Corporation opens a new R&D laboratory.
JSR and mblVC established an investment fund “JMLF” for life sciences field.
Launch of “MESACUP™ Anti-ARS Test,” a clinical diagnostic for detecting polymyositis and dermatomyositis


MBL and iPS Academia Japan, Inc. started joint sales of "CytoTune®-iPS," a Sendai virus vector kit for generation of iPS cells, developed by DNAVEC Co.
MBL concluded a sponsorship contract with Histo. Science Laboratory Co., Ltd. and established New Histo. Science Laboratory Co., Ltd.
"MEBGEN™ HPV kit", an IVD for high-risk HPV typing, was launched.
MBL concluded an agreement for capital and business alliance with JSR Corporation and issued new stocks for allocation of new stocks to a third party.
MBL concluded an agreement with Integrated DNA Technologies, Inc. about establishment of a joint venture in Japan to supply custom-made nucleic acids and related products.
MBL concluded an agreement with Liaoning MEDI on technology transfer from MBL to Liaoning MEDI about immune cell therapy using antigen specific CTL in China.


MBL concluded a comprehensive agreement with Beckman Coulter, Inc. (Head office: California USA hereinafter BCI) to transfer BCI's worldwide business of development, manufacturing, and distribution of MHC tetramer reagents and infectious disease, cancer antigen identification reagents (iTopia products) to MBL.
"STACIA® MEBLux™ test RNP" "STACIA® MEBLux™ test Sm", "STACIA® MEBLux™ test SS-A", "STACIA® MEBLux™ test SS-B" and "STACIA® MEBLux™ test Mitochondria M2", IVDs for fully automatic laboratory testing system, were went on sale.
CNBG and MBL groups began collaboration of IVD business in China.
MBL established an industry, government and academia collaboration with Nagasaki Univ. and National Center for Global Health and Medicine in MEXT project "strategical thrust of international cooperation for promoting innovation in developing countries".


Set the reimbursement price to "FREELITE κ Chain" and "FREELITE λ Chain", diagnostic kits for multiple myeloma (Available for the domestic market only).
Glyence Co., Ltd. became a subsidiary through acquisition
Katsuhiko Nishida inaugurated as Chairman, and Jun Sasaki as President
Launched "MEBGEN™ KRAS Mutation Detection Kit," a diagnostic tool for predicting tumor response to anti-EGFR therapies in colorectal cancer (Available for the domestic market only).
Signed a non-exclusive licensing agreement with Envoy Therapeutics (Florida, U.S.A.) for access to the RIP-Chip technology


Launched "MESACUP™-2 Test CCP," an upgrade version of ELISA-based anti-CCP antibody detection kit for rheumatoid arthritis (RA) in Japan. (Axis-Shield Anti-CCP test is available for other Asian market.)
Headquarters and Nagoya Office moved to a new address; phone numbers changed
Launched "FREELITE κ Chain" and "FREELITE λ Chain", new diagnostic kits for specific measurement of immunoglobulin free light chains in human serum, for the diagnosis of monoclonal gammopathy or multiple myeloma (Available for the domestic market only).
Launched "RIP-Assay Kit for microRNA" and "Anti-EIF2C2/AGO2 monoclonal antibody" as new tools for miRNA analysis
Concluded an agreement for a joint project with Mitsubishi Chemical Medience in development and sales of chemiluminescent diagnostic reagents for a fully automatic laboratory testing system, "STACIA"
Launched domestic sales of "CytoTune™-iPS," a Sendai virus vector kit for generation of iPS cells, developed by DNAVEC Co. CytoTune™-iPS has excellent performance that it can prevent conventional issues of damaging chromosomes, and allow simultaneous elimination of the transfected nuclear reprogramming factors and vector.
Launched "MESACUP™ Anti-RNA Polymerase III Test" as an in vitro diagnostic for measurement of anti-RNA polymerase III antibodies in serum, useful for diagnosis of systemic scleroderma
Concluded an agreement on patent licensing with Nagoya University and Chubu TLO for the use of a new biomarker for acute renal failure discovered by a research team at Nagoya University
Started manufacture and sales of human papilloma virus (HPV) genotyping kit. The kit can simultaneously detect 31 genotypes of HPV that is the highest performance in domestic products (Available for the domestic market only).
Succeeded in generation of fully human monoclonal antibodies neutralizing influenza virus using SPYMEG as a novel human lymphocyte fusion partner in collaboration with Osaka University


Held "2009 Life Science and Technology Seminar" as a MBL group biotechnology seminar in Changping District, Beijing, China
Launched Anti-Oct3/4 antibody against an iPS cell-related transcription factor
Founded "BIOTOVO," a public relations magazine on corporate activities
Launched new product ; Ribocluster profiler™ RIP-Assay Kit (A kit for the isolation and purification of only functionally related messenger RNA (mRNA) inside the cell ) and RIP-Certified Antibody series (A series of antibodies capable of immunoprecipitating the complex formed by mRNA and RNA-binding proteins (RBP))
Launched new product ; TACAS™ system (A new system of liquid based cytology to detect early stage of cervical cancer that includes sampling into preservative fluid, automated preparation with high speed)


MBL International Corporation purchased BION Enterprises (USA)
Launched new product ; Fucci (Fluorescent Ubiquitination-based Cell Cycle Indicator), which is produced by Amalgaam Co., Ltd, is a sophisticated technology of real time cell cycle analysis in living cells. Concluded collaborative research agreement with Kyoto Univ. for antibody drug discovery targeting regulatory T cell
Satoshi Karasawa Head of Technology Development div. of Amalgaam Co., Ltd. honored by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology for technology award
Concluded collaborative research agreement with Kyoto Univ. for antibody drug discovery targeting regulatory T cell
Launched new product ; CoralHue™ improved orange fluorescence protein vector (Kusabira-Orange2)
Launched HLA DNA typing kit " Genosearch HLA-DRB1 Ver.2"


Launched new product ; CoralHue™ vector set (FRET set)
Launched new product ; T-Select Human CD1d Tetramer
Launched "EIA AMH/MIS", an ELISA kit for Mullerian-inhibiting factor (AMH/MIS) in human serum and plasma (Available for the domestic market only).
Founded "JMSeed Bio Incubation the 1st. investment business limited liability association "
Launched MESACUP™ anti-p53 test ; diagnostic reagent enabling early diagnosis for esophagus cancer, colon cancer, breast cancer
Launched new product; regulatory T cell marker antibody anti-Foxp3
Concluded distribution agreement with Roche (Diagnostic Division) for quantitative reagents for factor XIII and its launch.
Launched new product ; reagent for detecting EB virus antibody (In vitro diagnostics)
Launched T-Select WT1 Tetramer reagent for detecting CTL which recognizes cancer antigen WT1
Launched MESACUP™ CCP test as diagnostic reagent for rheumatoid arthritis


MBL International Corporation purchased antibody business of LifeSpan BioSciences (USA).
Financing to PrevenTec, Inc., engaged in preventing infectious diseases, allergy diseases and developing new method of using antibodies for treatment through technologies of producing a large amount of antibodies with rice plant.
Concluded exclusive distribution agreement with Immunodiagnostics Systems (UK) for assay reagents for bone metabolism.
Concluded distribution agreement with Cylex Inc.(USA) for immune cell activation assay reagents.
ISO13485 accredited.p


Merger of Genome Science Laboratories and AdGene , then changed name to G & G Science Co., Ltd.
Merger of MBL International Corporation and RhiGene Inc. and continues as MBL International Corporation.
Established a joint venture company with DNAVEC in Beijing, Beijing B & M Biotech Co., Ltd.
Concluded distribution agreement with Roche Diagnostics for gene type determination kit for human papilloma virus(HPV).
Financing to ACTGen Co., Ltd.,engaged in making antibodies and developing antibody drug utilizing virus vector technology.
Financing to Oncomics Co., Ltd., engaged in research and development for method for predicting clinical disease stage and for molecular targeting drug for intractable cancer.
Financing to BioMedCore Inc., engaged in developing cell therapy and immunological treatment


Established a limited company GEL-Design (now GEL – Design Co., Ltd. ) as raw materials development company based on technologies of functional high molecular raw material especially jelly-like raw material originating from Hokkaido University.
Concluded business tie-up with DNAVEC Corporation for Sendai virus vector


Established a limited company Amalgaam Co., Ltd. for research and development for novel fluorescent protein.
Concluded sublicensing agreement with Diagnostic Products Corporation (now Siemens) granting them license for Duke Univ. patents MBL possesses.
Concluded collaborative research agreement with Oncotherapy Science, Institute for Antibodies for developing antibody drug which targets cancer.
Financing to Chromo Research Co.,Ltd., engaging in research and development for artificial chromosome.
Started synthesic oligo making business for Integrated DNA Technologies Inc.(USA) nucleic acid synthesis making maker.
Concluded collaboration research agreement with Okayama University for new diagnostic reagents for arteriosclerosis.
License granted from TOYOTA CENTRAL R & D LABS. , INC. for technology and patent for stress level assessment using saliva chromogranin.
Announcement for concluding collaboration research agreement among Institute for Antibodies, MBL, and Oncotherapy, in reference to development of antibodies for therapeutics
Support of founding NPO BIO Factory Central JAPAN.
Formed a capital tie-up with Summit Glyco Research Co., Ltd


Concluded Agreement with Keio University School of Medicine for collaborative research and permission to use research park.
Concluded strategic cooperation with Beckman Coulter (USA) for MHC tetramer technology for T cell analysis.
Concluded distribution agreement with Corgenix, granting them to distribute MBL diagnostic products in USA and Europe.
Worldwide exclusive license granted from Oncotherapy Science and allowed to utilize research achievements obtained from human cancer specific gene products to reagents for research and diagnostic reagents medical supply.


Financing to Ginkgo Biomedical Research Institute Co., Ltd. (now SBI Biotech Co., Ltd.). Financing to Ribonomics Inc. (USA)


Out-license Duke Univ. patent granted to MBL, to Roche.
Established MBL Venture Capital Co., Ltd. (Life Science Investment Business Association) engaged in support investment toward establishing bioventure companies.
Financing to research and development company Protein Wave Corporation in reference to protein structure analysis technology


Distribution agreement with RDKK (Roche Diagnostics).
Established Institute for Antibodies Co.,Ltd. for research of manufacturing technologies of antibodies utilizing Phage antibody library.
Established Genome Science Laboratories Co.,Ltd. (made as a result of acquiring and succeeding to Sumitomo Metal Industries's Ltd. Diagnostic Division).
ISO9002 accredited


Concluded exclusive (Japan) distribution agreement with TriPath Imaging (now BD, Becton Dickinson and Company) (USA) for automatic-device for cytological smear and its specific equipment and reagents .
Concluded Agreement with Hayashibara Biochemical Labs. Inc. and worldwide exclusive license granted for commercializing a series of technology including domestic and foreign patents, know-how for IL-18 (Interferon γ production inducing factor) to diagnostic reagents and reagents for research.
Established in Ina, Nagano, CycLex Co., Ltd. as research & development bioventure.
Established in Illinois USA, a subsidiary RhiGene Inc. for manufacturing and distribution for autoimmune diseases testing reagents.
Concluded exclusive (Japan) distribution Agreement with Roche Diagnostics KK for test reagents for systemic autoimmune diseases for Cobas Core II


Started establishment of 'MBL-Network'affiliated companies and is investing other domestic bio-venture companies


Listed on JASDAQ (Jasdaq Securities Exchange, Inc.).Worldwide distribution license granted from BioWhittaker (USA) for MESACUP™ ENA test series utilizing gene recombinant technology


Concluded exclusive (Japan) distribution agreement with Equitech Bio (USA) for fetal bovine serum


Established its first overseas subsidiary "MBL International Corporation"in Boston, USA.
The 1st Autoimmunity and Autoantibodies Symposium was held ( every year ever since )


Launched "Anti-human Fas monoclonal antibody"which induces apoptosis


Development of reagents for measuring autoantibodies with recombinant DNA technology"MESACUP™ ENA test series"


In-License of DNA recombination technology from Duke Univ


Tie-up with IMMUNOTECH S.A. in France (now Beckman-Coulter company) and introduced many Cell biological reagents.
The first"Takato symposium on molecular cell biology"was held (every year ever since )


Focusing on development of research reagents for cell biology


Development of a test reagent for antinuclear antibody based on immunofluorescence method"Fluoro HEPANA test"


Established in-house system of R&D, manufacturing and distribution.
Starting development of monoclonal antibodies by cell fusion.
Survey of autoantibodies was reported (every year ever since)


Ina laboratory opened in Nagano prefecture


Starting development of diagnostic reagents for autoimmune diseases


Development of "EIA IgE test", the first test reagent in the world for allergy using EIA method


Success in manufacturing of immunodiffusion plate for plasma proteins ("MBL Plate") and initial marketing alliance


Established as an antibody maker in Nagoya, Japan

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