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Scholarly Activities

Sponsorship of Symposia * Only in Japan

Autoantibodies and Autoimmunity Symposium

MBL has held the Autoantibodies and Autoimmunity Symposium 25 times since 1993, with participants from around Japan and overseas.

Sapporo Forum on Collagen Diseases

The Sapporo Forum on Collagen Diseases has been held 16 times in Sapporo, Hokkaido since 1997.

Kansai Forum on Diagnosis and Medical Care
Kyushu Forum on Diagnosis and Treatment

The forums on diagnosis and medical care and treatment have been held in the Kansai (i.e. Osaka) and Kyushu (i.e. Hakata) areas since 2014 and 2016, respectively.

Takato Molecular Cell Biology Symposium

The Takato Molecular Cell Biology Symposium has been held every August since 1989. The 30th Symposium was held in 2018.


Publications (Lecture Transcripts and Leaflets) *Japanese only, there is some English

MBL Autoimmune Reports

Autoimmunity experts contribute their specialized knowledge on the subject of autoimmune diseases to be issued as academic publications.

Autoantibodies and Autoimmunity

Lecturers in the symposium contribute their papers for publication.

Diagnostic Criteria and Treatment Guidelines for Autoimmune Diseases

The latest information on diagnostic criteria and treatment guidelines for autoimmune diseases are published in leaflets to help medical professionals in carrying out treatments and tests.
The information is summarized and presented as useful references for the physicians in determining optimal treatment options in a comprehensive manner that is easy to understand even for the physicians other than collagen disease experts, with diagnostic test flowcharts, lists of major clinical symptoms, and lists of autoantibody test items.

Quality Control Survey of the Autoantibodies

MBL has practiced the quality control survey of the autoantibodies every year since 1983, doing so for the 35th time in 2017. MBL’s quality control surveys are the only survey for such autoantibodies products in Japan supervised on the assay precision. The quality control survey at MBL is implemented not only for detection of inter-laboratory discrepancies in measurement results but also for research on causes of discrepancies between assays and standardization of testing parameters. Our company continues to practice the survey, proactively adopts new parameters, and undertakes precision assurance and standardization of autoantibody assay parameters.

ISO ISO13485 certification was acquired in 2006.

MBL has obtained ISO13485 certification and is dedicating further efforts to improving product quality under the following quality assurance principles.
1. We will exert our best efforts to maintain the effectiveness of our quality management system and continually implement improvements to provide customer-oriented high quality products and services.
2. We will give careful attention to information from customer and quickly and sincerely respond to their needs by implementing appropriate measures.
3. We will prioritize compliance with applicable legal and regulatory requirements and provide safe and reliable products and services.

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