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Lines of Business

Segments of Business

1.Market research and survey 2.Research and development 3.Clinical development
4.Regulatory approval 5.Commercialization of products and technologies
6.Manufacturing and sales

Clinical (In Vitro) Diagnostic Products Business

MBL holds top place in terms of the number of in vitro diagnostic products newly registered in the national reimbursement price list in Japan. Our company has been actively engaged in the development of diagnostics for not only prevalent diseases but also orphan and intractable diseases. MBL is also actively researching and developing products based on new measurement systems and is contributing to efficient and automated assay of biological specimens at clinical laboratories.
Further, MBL is developing products for personalized medicine customized to the medical needs of individual patients, such as gene-detection reagent kits for the diagnosis of cancer and infections and companion diagnostics for the pre-medication evaluation of potential patient response.

Life Science Translational Research (LSTR) Business

MBL is working in collaboration with the academia and pharmaceutical companies to develop disease-related research reagents (LSTR* products) with the aim of sowing the seeds for future clinical diagnostics.

* LSTR is a business category in which we conduct research and development of research reagents with an aim to create clinical diagnostics based on them.

Clinical Diagnostics and In Vitro Diagnostics

The clinical diagnostics for diseases are regarded as medicines in Japan and are classified into in vivo and in vitro diagnostics. In vitro diagnostics are not directly applied to the human body, but are instead used to detect and measure certain substances present in biological samples from humans, such as blood and urine, at hospitals and clinical laboratories.

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