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【MHC Tetramer】Product Info/Ordering

  1. What MHC Tetramer species and alleles are available?
    The list of alleles available is continuously expanding and currently include Human, Mouse, Rhesus Macaque, Macaca Fascicularis, Chicken, and Human-Mouse Chimera species for class I, as well as Human and Mouse for class II. Some non-classical MHC class I alleles (HLA-E, MR1, CD1d) are also available. Our current allele list can be found on the custom Tetramer website and you can search for allele of interest using the Tetramer search tool.
  2. What if I don’t see the allele I want on the website?
    If you are interested in an allele that is not listed, please contact your local distributor or MBL directly with your inquiry.
  3. How do I order a custom MHC Tetramer?
    We have a wide selection of class I (multiple species) and class II (human) alleles available for custom Tetramer synthesis. You designate the peptide/allele combination of interest based on the literature or your own studies on a custom order request form. Our Tetramer manufacturing team will assess the theoretical feasibility (e.g. likelihood of successful tetramer manufacture) of that combination at no charge. Should the team conclude that the Tetramer is feasible, you will receive a quote with the price of the Tetramer, as well as a projected lead-time.
  4. What happens if the attempt at making my MHC custom Tetramer fails?
    In the rare event that a custom Tetramer is attempted, but the synthesis is not successful due to instability, a feasibility fee is charged to cover the labor and materials for the manufacturing attempt.
  5. Can I provide the peptide?
    Yes, if it meets our requirements for purity and quantity. We require 20 mgs of lyophilized peptide. Peptide purity must be greater than or equal to 90%. After making the custom Tetramer, there is a possibility that the peptide will be left over, but it is usually a small amount and will not be returned.
  6. How long before I receive product?
    Once your order is booked and a purchase order is received, you will be quoted a ship date by customer service. Delivery time is contingent on the type of Tetramer you request.

    Catalog products: 3-30 days according to timing and our stocks.
    Shipped next day if we have the Tetramer, 2-4 weeks if we have the Monomer but have to prepare the Tetramer.
    Custom Tetramer: Up to 60 days if peptide has to be ordered/synthesized. Can be produced in 4 weeks if we have peptide on hand.
  7. How should MHC Tetramers be stored?
    Tetramers should be stored at 2-8°C. They should not be frozen, and exposure to light should be minimized. Vials should be refrigerated at 2-8°C immediately after use.
  8. What is the shelf life of MHC Tetramer reagents?
    The expiration date is indicated on the vial label when the product is properly stored at 2-8°C protected from light.
  9. Is there continuous after-sales service after purchase?
    Our technical support team in Japan will support your problem, and they strive to satisfactorily resolve your issue. Please feel free to ask any questions and concerns in use of our MHC Tetramers.