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【MHC Tetramer】MHC Monomers

  1. What are MHC Monomers?
    An MHC Monomer is a sub-component of an MHC Tetramer, made up of the MHC complex (α-chain plus β-2 microglobulin for class I or α-chain plus β-chain for class II) folded together with a specific peptide. Biotinylated Monomers are available for most associated Tetramer products.
  2. What are MHC Monomers used for?
    Investigators often select MHC Monomers to create tetramers in their own labs with alternate labels or to generate smaller Tetramer batches. Others use them for screening or immunization strategies. The production of metal-labeled tetramers for use with CyTOF instruments using MBL Monomers is becoming increasingly popular. A poster entitled “Metal-conjugated neutravidin for MHC multimer assays using mass cytometry” presented at Immunology 2015, May 8-12, 2015 in New Orleans by MBLI (JSR group) can be found here.