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[-] Antibody(6946)
 >Primary antibodies(6362)
 >Secondary antibodies(580)
[-] MHC tetramer(249)
 >Class I(240)
ISH Probe(165)
Tissue arrays(155)
Suger Chains(71)
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Code No. Product Discontinued date Manufacturer
J1001001 AAL-Biotin, recombinant 2016/08/31 JOIL
J1001002 ABA-Biotin (Lectin from Agaricus bisporus(mushroom)-Biotin) 2016/08/31 JOIL
J1001003 Con A-Biotin ( Lectin from Canavalia ensiformis-Biotin) 2016/08/31 JOIL
J1001004 DBA-Biotin (Lectin from Dolichos biflorus-Biotin) 2016/08/31 JOIL
J1001005 DSA-Biotin (Lectin from Datura stramonium-Biotin) 2016/08/31 JOIL
J1001006 ECA-Biotin (Lectin from Erythrina cristagalli-Biotin) 2016/08/31 JOIL
J1001007 LCA-Biotin (Lectin from Lens culinaris (Lentil)-Biotin) 2016/08/31 JOIL
J1001008 Lotus-Biotin (Lectin from Lotus tetragonolobus-Biotin) 2016/08/31 JOIL
J1001009 MAM-Biotin (Lectin from Maackia amurensis-Biotin) 2016/08/31 JOIL
J1001010 PHA-E4-Biotin (Lectin from Phaseolus vulgaris-Biotin) 2016/08/31 JOIL
J1001011 PHA-L4-Biotin (Lectin from Phaseolus vulgaris-Biotin) 2016/08/31 JOIL
J1001012 PNA-Biotin (Lectin from Arachis hypogaea-Biotin) 2016/08/31 JOIL
J1001013 SBA-Biotin (Lectin from Glycine max-Biotin) 2016/08/31 JOIL
J1001014 SSA-Biotin (Lectin from Sambucus sieboldiana-Biotin) 2016/08/31 JOIL
J1001015 UEA-I-Biotin (Lectin from Ulex europaeus-Biotin) 2016/08/31 JOIL
J1001016 WGA-Biotin (Lectin from Triticum Vulgaris-Biotin) 2016/08/31 JOIL

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