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Code No. Product Discontinued date Manufacturer
TB-7305-K1 QuickSwitch™ HLA-A*11:01 Tetramer Kit-PE 2020/09/15 MBLI
TB-7305-K2 QuickSwitch™ HLA-A*11:01 Tetramer Kit-APC 2020/09/15 MBLI
TB-7305-K4 QuickSwitch™ HLA-A*11:01 Tetramer Kit-BV421 2020/09/15 MBLI
TB-7303-K4 QuickSwitch™ HLA-A*24:02 Tetramer Kit-BV421 2020/09/15 MBLI
TB-7303-K1 QuickSwitch™ HLA-A*24:02 Tetramer Kit-PE 2020/09/15 MBLI
TB-7401-K4 QuickSwitch™ H-2Kb Tetramer Kit-BV421 2020/09/15 MBLI
TB-7401-K2 QuickSwitch™ H-2Kb Tetramer Kit-APC 2020/09/15 MBLI
TB-7401-K1 QuickSwitch™ H-2Kb Tetramer Kit-PE 2020/09/15 MBLI
TB-7301-K4 QuickSwitch™ HLA-A*02:01 Tetramer Kit-BV421 2020/09/15 MBLI
TB-7301-K2 QuickSwitch™ HLA-A*02:01 Tetramer Kit-APC 2020/09/15 MBLI
TB-7301-K1 QuickSwitch™ HLA-A*02:01 Tetramer Kit-PE 2020/09/15 MBLI
TB-7303-K2 QuickSwitch™ HLA-A*24:02 Tetramer Kit-APC 2019/12/27 MBLI
TB-7302-K2 QuickSwitch™ Quant HLA-A*24:02 Tetramer Kit-APC 2019/12/17 MBLI
TB-M951-1 BF2*1201 IBDV VP2 Tetramer-ALRPVTLV-PE 2019/07/22 MBLI
TB-M951-2 BF2*1201 IBDV VP2 Tetramer-ALRPVTLV-APC 2019/07/22 MBLI
TS-M086-1 HLA-A*02:01 IDO Tetramer-ALLEIASCL-PE 2019/07/01 MBL
TS-M086-2 HLA-A*02:01 IDO Tetramer-ALLEIASCL-APC 2019/07/01 MBL
TS-M075-1 HLA-A*02:01 MAGE-A3 112-120 Tetramer-KVAELVHFL-PE 2018/12/04 MBL
TS-M075-2 HLA-A*02:01 MAGE-A3 112-120 Tetramer-KVAELVHFL-APC 2018/12/04 MBL
TS-M057-1 HLA-A*02:01 CMV IE1 316-324 Tetramer-VLEETSVML-PE 2018/11/28 MBL
TS-0029-1C T-Select HLA-A*02:01 Negative Tetramer-PE 2018/11/22 MBL
TS-M076-1 HLA-A*02:01 MAGE-A3 271-279 Tetramer-FLWGPRALV-PE 2018/11/16 MBL
TS-M537-2 H-2Kb HBV core Tetramer-MGLKFRQL-APC 2018/06/26 MBL
TS-5010-1C H-2Kb LCMV gp34-41 Tetramer-AVYNFATC-PE 2018/02/14 MBL
TS-5010-2C H-2Kb LCMV gp34-41 Tetramer-AVYNFATC-APC 2018/02/14 MBL
TS-5018-1C T-Select H-2Db RSV M187-195 Tetramer-NAITNAKII-PE 2018/02/14 MBL
TS-5018-2C T-Select H-2Db RSV M187-195 Tetramer-NAITNAKII-APC 2018/02/14 MBL
TS-M106-2 HLA-B*35:01 HIV nef 74-81 Tetramer-VPLRPMTY-APC 2018/02/14 MBL
TS-0011-1C T-Select HLA-A*02:01 EBV BMLF1 Tetramer-GLCTLVAML-PE 2017/12/25 MBL
TS-0022-2C T-Select HLA-A*24:02 HBV core Tetramer-EYLVSFGVW-APC 2017/12/25 MBL
TS-0029-2C T-Select HLA-A*02:01 Negative Tetramer-APC 2017/12/25 MBL
TS-5002-1C T-Select H-2Db LCMV gp33 Tetramer-KAVYNFATC-PE 2017/12/25 MBL
TS-M039-1 HLA-A*02:01 HCV NS3 1073-1081 Tetramer-CINGVCWTV-PE 2017/12/25 MBL
TS-M040-1 HLA-A*02:01 HCV NS3 1406-1415 Tetramer-KLVALGINAV-PE 2017/12/25 MBL
TS-M047-1 HLA-A*02:01 HPV16 E6 Tetramer-KLPQLCTEL-PE 2017/12/25 MBL
TS-M047-2 HLA-A*02:01 HPV16 E6 Tetramer-KLPQLCTEL-APC 2017/12/25 MBL
TS-M051-2 HLA-A*02:01 HBV env 335-343 Tetramer-WLSLLVPFV-APC 2017/12/25 MBL
TS-M053-1 HLA-A*02:01 HBV pol Tetramer-FLLSLGIHL-PE 2017/12/25 MBL
TS-M107-1 HLA-A*02:01 PAP 299-307 Tetramer-ALDVYNGLL-PE 2017/12/25 MBL
TS-M107-2 HLA-A*02:01 PAP 299-307 Tetramer-ALDVYNGLL-APC 2017/12/25 MBL
TS-M534-2 H-2Kd Influenza NP Tetramer-TYQRTRALV-APC 2017/12/25 MBL
TS-M562-1 H-2Kb mTERT Tetramer-VGRNFTNL-PE 2017/12/25 MBL
TB-0165-2 HLA-A*02:01 Influenza M1 Tetramer-ILGFVFTLTV-APC 2017/11/24 MBLI
TB-0165-1 HLA-A*02:01 Influenza M1 Tetramer-ILGFVFTLTV-PE 2017/11/24 MBLI
TB-0117-2 HLA-A*24:02 EBV LMP-2 Tetramer-TYGPVFMCL-APC 2017/11/24 MBLI
TB-0117-1 HLA-A*24:02 EBV LMP-2 Tetramer-TYGPVFMCL-PE 2017/11/24 MBLI
TS-M553-2 H-2Kd NRP-V7 Tetramer-KYNKANVFL-APC 2017/11/20 MBL
TS-0011-2C T-Select HLA-A*02:01 EBV BMLF1 Tetramer-GLCTLVAML-APC 2017/11/10 MBL
TS-M537-1 H-2Kb HBV core Tetramer-MGLKFRQL-PE 2017/11/10 MBL
TS-0008-2C T-Select HLA-A*02:01 HIV pol Tetramer-ILKEPVHGV-APC 2017/10/16 MBL
TS-M037-1 HLA-B*35:01 EBV BZLF1 54-64 Tetramer-EPLPQGQLTAY-PE 2017/10/16 MBL
TS-M051-1 HLA-A*02:01 HBV env 335-343 Tetramer-WLSLLVPFV-PE 2017/10/16 MBL
TS-M105-1 HLA-A*02:01 NY-ESO-1 C9V Tetramer-SLLMWITQV-PE 2017/10/16 MBL
TS-M105-2 HLA-A*02:01 NY-ESO-1 C9V Tetramer-SLLMWITQV-APC 2017/10/16 MBL
TS-5008-2C T-Select H-2Db HPV16 E7 Tetramer-RAHYNIVTF-APC 2017/08/31 MBL
TS-M011-1 T-Select HLA-A*02:01 NY-ESO-1 Tetramer-SLLMWITQC-PE 2017/08/01 MBL
TS-M037-2 HLA-B*35:01 EBV BZLF1 54-64 Tetramer-EPLPQGQLTAY-APC 2017/08/01 MBL
TS-M120-2 HLA-A*02:01 PSA141-150 Tetramer-FLTPKKLQCV-APC 2017/08/01 MBL
TS-M122-1 HLA-A*02:01 VZV IE62 Tetramer-ALWALPHAA-PE 2017/08/01 MBL
TS-M122-2 HLA-A*02:01 VZV IE62 Tetramer-ALWALPHAA-APC 2017/08/01 MBL
TS-0009-2C T-Select HLA-A*02:01 Mart-1 Tetramer-ELAGIGILTV-APC 2017/06/01 MBL
TS-5004-1C T-Select H-2Kb TRP-2 Tetramer-SVYDFFVWL-PE 2017/06/01 MBL
TS-5004-2C T-Select H-2Kb TRP-2 Tetramer-SVYDFFVWL-APC 2017/06/01 MBL
TS-M053-2 HLA-A*02:01 HBV pol Tetramer-FLLSLGIHL-APC 2017/06/01 MBL
TS-M070-1 HLA-A*02:01 MAGE-A1 Tetramer-KVLEYVIKV-PE 2017/06/01 MBL
TS-M099-1 HLA-B*07:02 CMV pp65 Tetramer-RPHERNGFTVL-PE 2017/06/01 MBL
TS-M099-2 HLA-B*07:02 CMV pp65 Tetramer-RPHERNGFTVL-APC 2017/06/01 MBL
TS-M534-1 H-2Kd Influenza NP Tetramer-TYQRTRALV-PE 2017/06/01 MBL
TS-M552-1 H-2Kd IGRP Tetramer-VYLKTNVFL-PE 2017/06/01 MBL
TS-0009-1C T-Select HLA-A*02:01 Mart-1 Tetramer-ELAGIGILTV-PE 2017/04/18 MBL
TS-M011-2 T-Select HLA-A*02:01 NY-ESO-1 Tetramer-SLLMWITQC-APC 2017/04/18 MBL
TS-M039-2 HLA-A*02:01 HCV NS3 1073-1081 Tetramer-CINGVCWTV-APC 2017/04/18 MBL
TS-M057-2 HLA-A*02:01 CMV IE1 316-324 Tetramer-VLEETSVML-APC 2017/04/18 MBL
TS-M070-2 HLA-A*02:01 MAGE-A1 Tetramer-KVLEYVIKV-APC 2017/04/18 MBL
TS-M074-1 HLA-A*01:01 MAGE-A3 Tetramer-EVDPIGHLY-PE 2017/04/18 MBL
TS-M074-2 HLA-A*01:01 MAGE-A3 Tetramer-EVDPIGHLY-APC 2017/04/18 MBL
TS-M106-1 HLA-B*35:01 HIV nef 74-81 Tetramer-VPLRPMTY-PE 2017/04/18 MBL
TS-M538-1 H-2Kb VACV B8R Tetramer-TSYKFESV-PE 2017/04/18 MBL
TS-M538-2 H-2Kb VACV B8R Tetramer-TSYKFESV-APC 2017/04/18 MBL
TS-M539-1 H-2Db SV40 large T Ag 206-215 Tetramer-SAINNYAQKL-PE 2017/04/18 MBL
TS-M539-2 H-2Db SV40 large T Ag 206-215 Tetramer-SAINNYAQKL-APC 2017/04/18 MBL
TS-M547-1 H-2Kd Plasmodium CSP Tetramer-SYVPSAEQI-PE 2017/04/18 MBL
TS-M547-2 H-2Kd Plasmodium CSP Tetramer-SYVPSAEQI-APC 2017/04/18 MBL
TS-M553-1 H-2Kd NRP-V7 Tetramer-KYNKANVFL-PE 2017/04/18 MBL
TS-0013-2C T-Select HLA-A*02:01 gp100 (mutant) Tetramer-IMDQVPFSV-APC 2017/03/27 MBL
TS-0014-2C T-Select HLA-A*02:01 gp100 (wild) Tetramer-ITDQVPFSV-APC 2017/03/27 MBL
TS-0022-1C T-Select HLA-A*24:02 HBV core Tetramer-EYLVSFGVW-PE 2017/03/27 MBL
TS-0025-2C T-Select HLA-B*07:02 CMV pp65 Tetramer-TPRVTGGGAM-APC 2017/03/27 MBL
TS-0035-1C T-Select HLA-A*02:01 gp100 154-162-KTWGQYWQV-PE 2017/03/27 MBL
TS-0035-2C T-Select HLA-A*02:01 gp100 154-162-KTWGQYWQV-APC 2017/03/27 MBL
TS-M038-1 HLA-B*35:01 EBV LMP2 1-9 Tetramer-MGSLEMVPM-PE 2017/03/27 MBL
TS-M038-2 HLA-B*35:01 EBV LMP2 1-9 Tetramer-MGSLEMVPM-APC 2017/03/27 MBL
TS-M040-2 HLA-A*02:01 HCV NS3 1406-1415 Tetramer-KLVALGINAV-APC 2017/03/27 MBL
TS-M046-1 HLA-B*35:01 Influenza NP Tetramer-LPFEKSTVM-PE 2017/03/27 MBL
TS-M046-2 HLA-B*35:01 Influenza NP Tetramer-LPFEKSTVM-APC 2017/03/27 MBL
TS-M055-1 HLA-B*35:01 HIV RT Tetramer-NPDIVIYQY-PE 2017/03/27 MBL
TS-M059-1 HLA-A*02:01 Adenovirus 11 Hexon914-922 Tetramer-LLFEVFDVV-PE 2017/03/27 MBL
TS-M059-2 HLA-A*02:01 Adenovirus 11 Hexon914-922 Tetramer-LLFEVFDVV-APC 2017/03/27 MBL
TS-M067-2 HLA-B*35:01 AdV Hexon 320-329 Tetramer-MPNRPNYIAF-APC 2017/03/27 MBL
TS-M068-2 HLA-B*35:01 AdV Hexon 705-713 Tetramer-IPYLDGTFY-APC 2017/03/27 MBL

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