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Organelle labeling tools

- Powerful tools to study intracellular localization of proteins! -


Organelle Specific Antibodies


Protein function is dependent on intracellular localization. Therefore, it is useful to identify the location of the targeted proteins in cells in order to understand the biological phenomenon. The organelle-specific antibodies developed by MBL can be used as markers to study the intracellular localization of the target protein. These antibodies can be used for localization analysis of the target proteins on multicolor staining of the cell or with western blotting of cell fractions.

Early endosome

CoralHue™ Organelle Targeting Vectors

- Available for fluorescent labeling of living cells -

CoralHue™ Organelle Targeting Vector is a plasmid to express fluorescent protein labeling organelles specifically. It is designed to express fluorescent proteins in the targeted organelle by using the localized signal sequence of each organelle. It is possible to label each organelle individually as required. The vector also contains the gene for neomycin-resistance, enabling homeostatis labeling of each organelle by drug selection.

CoralHue™ fluorescent proteins were co-developed by Amalggam and the Laboratory for Cell Function and Dynamics, Advanced Technology Development Center, Brain Science Institute, and Institute of Physical and Chemical Research RIKEN (lab head, Dr. Atsushi Miyawaki). The use of CoralHue™ fluorescent proteins requires a license agreement from Amalggam.

Abbr. Oligomer Excit./Emiss
Mitochondria ER Cell membrane Nucleoplasm Actin
AG Tetramer 492/505       AM-V0214M  
mAG1 Monomer 492/505 AM-V0201M AM-V0202M AM-V0203M   AM-V0205M
mAG407 Monomer 407/498   AM-V0292M      
KO1 Dimer 548/561       AM-V0234M  
mKO1 Monomer 548/559 AM-V0221M AM-V0222M AM-V0223M   AM-V0225M
Monomer 440/620 AM-V0251M   AM-V0253M    
Dimer 440/616       AM-V0274M  
dKeima570 Dimer 440/570       AM-V0324M  
mMiCy Monomer 470/496 AM-V0261M        
mKCy Monomer 453/486       AM-V0284M  

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