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Brochures & leaflets

Epitope Tag Antibodies Product Catalog■Epitope Tag Antibodies Product Catalog
Wide range of product variation!(Mar. 2017)
PDF ver.: 5.5MB
Epitope Tag Antibodies and Kits■Epitope Tag Antibodies and Kits
Make your experiment easier with our antibodies!!(Oct. 2016)
PDF ver.: 0.9MB
Anti-V5-tag, Anti-mini-AID-tag, Isotype control mAb■Anti-V5-tag, Anti-mini-AID-tag, Isotype control mAb
Information regarding new tag antibodies.(Apr. 2015)
PDF ver.: 0.8MB
Anti-DDDDK-tag mAb (Clone:FLA-1)■Anti-DDDDK-tag mAb (Clone:FLA-1)
Biotin-labeled Multiple applications (WB/IP/IC/FCM). High performance!(Apr. 2015)
PDF ver.: 0.5MB
New Anti-Tag Antibodies■New Anti-Tag Antibodies
Anti-GST mAb useful for WB and IP (Clone: GT5)
Anti-Strep-tag II mAb useful for WB, IP and IC (Clone: 4F1)
Anti-β-galactosidase mAb useful for WB, IC, IP and IH (Clone: 6F4)(Jan. 2015)
PDF ver.: 1.2MB
Biotin-labeled Anti-Tag antibody■Biotin-labeled Anti-Tag antibody
Biotin-labeled Anti-Tag antibodies are useful for swELISA!(Oct. 2014)
PDF ver.: 0.6MB
New RFP antibodies■New RFP antibodies
Clone: 1G9 shows very high sensitivity. Antibody cocktail of clone: 1G9 and clone: 3G5 is useful for WB, IC, IP and FCM(Aug. 2014)
PDF ver.: 2.4MB
<i>Smart-IP</i> SeriesSmart-IP Series
Anti-Tag-antibody-conjugated Magnetic Beads for IP(Jan. 2011)
PDF ver.: 188 KB
Anti-His-tag monoclonal antibody (clone: OGHis)■Anti-His-tag monoclonal antibody (clone: OGHis)
(Aug. 2010)
PDF ver.: 590 KB