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Method of Exosome Isolation

Major ways of concentrating and isolating exosomes.

   Ultracentrifugation method Polymer-based precipitatin method Immunoaffinity method
  • Exosome isolation method utilizing difference of density
  • Exosome precipitation method using polymer
  • Immunoaffinity method using magnetic beads-conjugated antibodies against exsomal markers
  • Conventional, standard method
  • Sutable for large scale
  • Recover Exosome from variety of samples
  • Low cost
  • Easy operation
  • Recovery of Exosome in a short period of time
  • No specific device, instrument is required
  • Easy operation
  • Recovery of Exosome in a short period of time
  • Few contaminants with high purity
  • Enable to isolate exosomes that express specific marker
  • Takes time with complicated oparation (needs half a day - 2 days)
  • Many contaminants with poor purification
  • Difficlut to use multipe samples simultaneously
  • Required for optimized experimental condition to avoid vesicle loss
  • Ultracentrifuge is required
  • Many contaminants with poor purification
  • Need to select the optimal reagents depending on the sample types (e.g. serum, plasma, culuture sup)
  • Exosome recovery depends on antibody specificity
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