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RiboCluster Profiler™

RIP-Assay Kit for microRNA

The tool for global analysis of RBP-mRNA-miRNA clusters

  • With the RIP-Assay Kit for microRNA, it is possible to isolate miRNA and mRNA in one tube or in two tubes separately.
  • miRNA and mRNA can be isolated by antibodies against either RISC components or other RBPs.
  • Eco-friendly, high efficient reagents are optimized for extraction of miRNAs/mRNAs work for all kinds of application.
The RIP-Assay Kit for microRNA can be used for miRNA analysis as well as conventional RIP-assays.



Recent studies suggested that mRNAs encoding functionally related proteins and their regulatory microRNAs bind to the common RNA binding proteins (RBPs), forming so-called RiboClusters.

MBL's RIP-Assay Kit for microRNA enables you to immunoprecipitate RiboClusters through RBP specific antibodies and isolate the RNAs and their regulatory microRNAs associated with the RiboCluster (RIP-assay). You can thus isolate cluster specific mRNAs as well as miRNAs for subsequent analysis by microarray, sequencing or RT-PCR.

RIP-Assay Kit for microRNA

RIP-Assay Kit for microRNA is an optimized kit to isolate functionally related mRNAs and miRNAs. The kit provides three (3) different RNA isolation protocols on customer's demand: To rapidly isolate small RNAs (1-step method) . To simultaneously isolate both small RNAs and large RNAs (2-step method) . To separately isolate small RNAs and large RNAs (separation method) . Any one of these isolation methods recovers miRNA more efficiently than conventional phenol extraction method. This kit is useful to identify the disease or function related miRNAs as well as to extensively analyze their target mRNAs.

RIP-Assay Kit for microRNA (code no. RN1005) detailed information


Example 1


RIP-Assay was performed by using antibody against AGO2 which takes a central role of RISC. (Approach: 1)

Example 2


RIP-Assay was performed by using antibodies against IGF2BP1/IMP1 which is not a RISC component (Approach: 2) and TNRC6A/GW182 which is a RISC component (Approach: 1).

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