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Brochures & leaflets

p62 and phospho-p62 ELISA Kit■p62 and phospho-p62 ELISA Kit
・Comes with lysis buffer. Easy to prepare cell lysate!
・Useful for drug screening!
・Human and mouse cell lysate can be used.(Nov. 2017)
PDF ver.: 206KB
Autophagy-Related Products Catalog■Autophagy-Related Products Catalog
(Mar. 2017)
PDF ver.: 4.7MB
Autophagy Wacth■Autophagy Wacth
For Autophagy Flux Assay and LC3 Immunocytochemistry. Autophagy Watch is a combination of antibodies and lysosomal inhibitors that can detect autophagy flux in Western blotting, and visualize autophagosomes in Immunocytochemistry.(Feb. 2015)
PDF ver.: 1.5MB
Anti-LC3 mAb-HRP-DirecT, <br>Anti-p62 C-terminal pAb HRP-DirecT■Anti-LC3 mAb-HRP-DirecT,
Anti-p62 C-terminal pAb HRP-DirecT
With HRP-DirecT, HRP-conjugated primary antibodies, assay time is shortened because no secondary antibody is required and non-specific reactions due to secondary antibody is reduced.(Oct. 2014)
PDF ver.: 0.9MB
Phospho-p62 antibodies■Phospho-p62 antibodies
p62 has been found to be phosphorylated at various residues, and the phosphorylation at each residue regulates different aspects of p62 functions.(Aug. 2014)
PDF ver.: 1.3MB