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QuickSwitch™ Peptide Screening Kit

Novel solutions for screening MHC binding peptides and creating custom MHC tetramers

QuickSwitch™ Peptide Screening Kit is a fresh, new technology that allows for analysis of many peptides in an easy and ready to use high throughput format. There is no need for optimizing prior to use. One 96 well plate allows for accurate peptide-MHC binding affinity results that can be gathered in one day.

  • High throughput MHC monomer/peptide screening in a 96 well plate assay
  • Evaluate immune potentiators, vaccine efficacy or disease progression
  • Neo-epitope screening for further downstream T cell recognition and activation assays
  • Determine peptide affinity for specific MHC Class I alleles
  • Target discovery of new peptides for immunotherapy and drug discovery
Principle of the peptide exchange reaction

Determine Peptide-MHC Monomer Affinity

  • Quantitate peptide-MHC binding affinities for further downstream applications
  • Discover peptide-MHC binders that in silico algorithms might miss
  • High throughput screening assay with same day results

MBL International's QuickSwitch™ Peptide Screening kit complements in silico MHC peptide binding predictions tools as theoretical peptide MHC binding affinities generated with algorithms have to be validated. This high throughput and fast assay mimics the natural process of an immune response by identifying which epitopes in a protein can bind to the various MHC molecules and are therefore potentially immunogenic. As the Peptide Screening assay does not rely on peptide binding to live cells (such as in the T2 stabilization assay), it provides reliable and repeatable results. When overlapping peptides of a given protein sequence are tested the Peptide Screening assay routinely reveals peptide binders that were not predicted with algorithms, which therefore helps increasing the panoply of crucial peptides for creation of vaccines, cloning of T cell receptors or development of TCR like antibodies.

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QuickSwitch™ Peptide Screening Assay Protocol

QuickSwitch Peptide Screening Assay Protocol