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2019 New products

Oct. 31. 2019
Anti-Human CD8a Antibody (Clone Hit8a) is now available.
Suitable for co-staining with MBL MHC tetramers.
Oct. 24. 2019
DDDDK-tagged protein purification cartridge is now available.
Oct. 16. 2019
QuickSwitch™ (Quant) HLA-A*11:01 Tetramer Kits are now available.
For customizing MHC class I tetramer! A patented technique allows to exchange peptides on MHC. The common allele in Asian people join in the series!!
Aug. 20. 2019
m1A Competitive ELISA Kit is now available!
For the quantitative measurement of m1A-adducts in biological samples.
Jun. 24. 2019
Micobacterium tuberculosis Ag85B Mouse Class II Tetramers are now available.
Ag85 can be a next-generation target for vaccine development.
Apr. 26. 2019
Two Anti-Phosphorylated protein antibodies, Keratin-5 and Desmin are now available!
Can be used in WB, IC and IH.
Mar. 26. 2019
Two DDDDK-tagged protein purification gel products are now available.
Mar. 12. 2019
Two Human MR1 Tetramers are now available.
For flow cytometry analysis of Human MAIT cells.
Feb. 12. 2019
Wnt3a solution (Afamin/Wnt3a CM) for organoid cultures is now available.
For stable organoid cultures in serum-free medium!