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Code No. AM-V9030M

pFucci-S/G2/M Green (N+C)-Hyg (Expression vector)

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(In Japan at 17:00,
Sep 22, 2023 in JST)


20 µg

Related information
  • Plasmid map of pFucci-S/G2/M Green (N+C)

    Plasmid map of pFucci-S/G<sub>2</sub>/M Green (N+C)

  • Schematic of the cell cycle specific fluorescence of Fucci-S/G2/M Green (N+C)

    Schematic of the cell cycle specific fluorescence of Fucci-S/G<sub>2</sub>/M Green (N+C)

  • Experimental example

    Experimental example
    HeLa cells stably expressing S/G2/M Markers.
    (DIC + FL) Typical differential interference contrast (DIC) and fluorescence (FL) images of HeLa cells stably expressing constructs. Distribution patterns are indicated as follows: N, nucleus; C, cytosol;

Storage temp. -20°C Manufacturer MBL
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Notes Product code printed in the datasheet is the old code. Please refer to this website for the current product code. There is no change in product's performance, size, and usage except for the product code.

Please note that the product will be
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Fluorescent proteins

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