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Code No. AM-V9014M

pFucci-S/G2/M Green (Cloning vector)

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(In Japan at 00:05,
Jul 19, 2024 in JST)


20 µg

Related information
  • Plasmid map of pFucci-S/G2/M Green

    Plasmid map of pFucci-S/G2/M Green

  • Schematic of the cell cycle specific fluorescence of Fucci-S/G2/M Green

    Schematic of the cell cycle specific fluorescence of Fucci-S/G2/M Green

  • Experimental example

    Experimental example
    HeLa cells stably expressing Fucci-G1 Orange and Fucci-S/G2/M Green. Fucci effectively labels individual nuclei in G1 phase orange and those in S/G2/M phases green.

Storage temp. -20°C Manufacturer MBL
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Notes "Please note that the product will be shipped after we receive a completed and signed License Acknowledgement. Prior to shipping, our staff may contact you to verify the intended use of the product.

DNA sequence:
CoralHue® vectors full DNA sequence"
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