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Code No. U-R001-100

Rspo3-Fc Fusion Protein Conditioned Medium

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100 mL

Use, storage and stability
RSPO3-Fc fusion protein has been successfully been used for pancreas, stomach, colon and liver organoids and kidney organoids.
The working concentration of the product in organoid cultures should be determined experimentally. As a starting concentration 2 % can be used.
The product should be stored at - 80 °C (stable for at least 1 year). After thawing it should be stored in appropriate small aliquots at - 20 °C or - 80 °C (stable for at least 2 months) or at 4 °C for short time storage.

Production platform:
This product has been produced in HEK293 cells using the rPExTM recombinant protein production platform.

datasheet url:
Intended use stem cell culture; organoid
Storage temp. -80°C Manufacturer ImmunoPrecise Antibodies (Europe) BV
Alternative names R-spondin 3-Fc Fusion Protein Conditioned Medium, Rspo3-Fc Fusion Protein CM
Background Description
The Wnt signaling pathway is essential for embryonic development, stem cell differentiation and regeneration of injured tissues. Wnts hetero-dimerize Frizzled (Fzd) family receptors and their co-receptors Lrp5/6, triggering downstream signaling pathways including the canonical β-catenin cascade, and resulting in expression of genes regulating cell development. R-Spondins regulate Wnt/ beta -catenin by competing with the Wnt antagonist DKK-1 for binding to the Wnt co-receptors LRP-6 and Kremen, reducing their DKK-1-mediated. RSPO3-Fc Fusion-protein supports long-term expansion of multiple different types of organoids, including pancreas, stomach, colon and liver organoids.
Notes When culturing organoids, stem cells, or other tissues, if you are to use this product in combination with other factor or factors (hereunder factors), a third party may have a patent on the use or other application of the factors concerned.Regarding to this product, we do not offer any non-infringement warranty when used or otherwise applied in combination with other factors. Therefore, if you intend to use this product in combination with other factors, please check with your organization’s division responsible for intellectual property rights or your research agency before using this product.
Product category
Research area
Stem cell research
Cytokine & Growth Factors
Cell culture reagents

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