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Code No. RN1007


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20 assays


  • BrU-labeled RNA was isolated by BRIC Kit from total RNA extracted after BrU pulse-chase labeling.

  • BrU-labeled RNA (BrU-RNA) was isolated by BRIC Kit from total RNA extracted at each time point after BrU washout. The isolated BrU-RNA was analyzed to determine its own half-life by RT-qPCR.

Components RNA-IP buffer, Wash buffer, mi-Solution I, mi-Solution II, mi-Solution III, mi-Solution IV, Protein G-Magnetic beads, BrU solution (100 mM), Anti-BrdU mAb, Spike-in control
Intended use The BRIC Kit is designed to analyze stability of RNA by chasing chronological decreases of BrU-labeled RNA in mammalian cells under physiologically undisturbed condition.
Storage temp. -20°C Manufacturer MBL
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