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Code No. J2-002

Recombinant Afamin/Wnt3a

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60 µg/300 µL

Intended use Organoid culture
Storage temp. -20°C Manufacturer MBL
Alternative names AFM/Wnt3a
Background Wnt signaling is known to be involved in early development, maintenance and regeneration of stem cells, and in cancer formation. Wnt signaling has also been found to play an important role in the growth and maintenance of these processes. In particular, Wnt3a has been revealed to be an essential niche component for maintaining the proliferation of Lgr5-positive stem cells in intestinal epithelial cells and is used for the production of various digestive organoids such as the small intestine, large intestine, stomach, pancreas and liver. Although Wnt3a has been conventionally used for the culture of gut organoids, it is a fat-soluble protein, so it forms aggregates in serum-free medium and can not exert its activity sufficiently. In 2016, Mihara et al. found that high Wnt3a activity can be maintained by forming a complex with Wnt3a by Afamin, which is one of the components of serum. In addition, by using Afamin and Wnt3a complex for organoid culture, long-term culture of organoid becomes possible. This new medium will result in optimal success for your organoid experiments.
Wntシグナルは初期発生や幹細胞の維持と再生、がん化に関与していることが知られており、これらの増殖・維持に重要な役割を果たしています。特にWnt3aは腸管上皮細胞におけるLgr5陽性幹細胞の増殖維持に必須のニッチ成分であることが明らかとなり、小腸、大腸、胃、膵臓、肝臓など様々な消化管オルガノイドの作製に使用されています。Wnt3aは、従来より消化管オルガノイドの培養に利用されていましたが、脂溶性タンパク質であるため無血清培養液中で凝集体を形成し、十分に活性を発揮できないことが課題でした。2016年Miharaらは、血清の構成成分の一つであるAfaminがWnt3aと複合体を形成することにより、高いWnt3a活性が維持できることを見出しました。また、 AfaminとWnt3aの複合体をオルガノイドの培養に使用することにより、オルガノイドの長期培養が可能となりました。
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Notes When culturing organoids, or stem cells, or other tissues, if you are to use this product in combination with other factor or factors (hereunder factors), a third party may have a patent on the use or other application of the factors concerned. Regarding to this product, we do not offer any non-infringement warranty when used or otherwise applied in combination with other factors. Therefore, if you intend to use this product in combination with other factors, please check with your organization’s division responsible for intellectual property rights or your research agency before using this product.
Product category
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Stem cell research
Cytokine & Growth Factors
Signal transduction
Cell culture reagents

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