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Code No. CY-1177

CycLex® p38 Kinase Assay/Inhibitor Screening Kit

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96 assays


Components Microplate, 10X Wash Buffer, Kinase Buffer, 20X ATP, Anti-Phospho-ATF2 Thr71 Polyclonal Antibody (PPT-08), HRP conjugated Anti-rabbit IgG, Substrate Reagent, Stop Solution
Intended use This Kit is designed to measure the activities of purified p38 for the rapid and sensitive evaluation of inhibitors using recombinant p38.
Storage temp. 4°C Manufacturer MBL
  1. Lin S et al. Auraptene suppresses inflammatory responses in activated RAW264 macrophages by inhibiting p38 mitogen-activated protein kinase activation. Mol Nutr Food Res. 57, 1135-44 (2013)(PMID:23495198)
  1. Tariq S et al. Synthesis, anti-inflammatory, p38α MAP kinase inhibitory activities and molecular docking studies of quinoxaline derivatives containing triazole moiety. Bioorg Chem. 76, 343-358 (2018)(PMID:29227918)
  1. Nakajima S et al. Resveratrol Inhibits IL-33-mediated Mast Cell Activation by Targeting the MK2/3-PI3K/Akt Axis. Sci Rep. 9,18423 (2019) (PMID:31804564)
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Drug discovery
Signal transduction

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